Jeffrey Smith

I'm an animator and illustrator born from the potato clad fields of Idaho. My wife and I currently live in Idaho Falls, ID where she teaches high school art and ceramics and I teach color and design classes online for BYU-Idaho.

I recently finished the Animation Mentor character animation program and am now looking for work and internship opportunities. I've only been doing animation for a couple of years now but I look forward to working full-time as an animator. In addition to completing one animated short titled "The Violent Blue," I have partnered in startups such as Karma Tech Longboards and Indi Collective. If i'm not studying, painting or animating then i'm most likely writing, performing music, or trekking to some epic landscape with friends and family.

I want to influence people to be better and work harder. I'm a leader and a listener. There is great synergy in collaboration and I thrive best around other creatives. I've chosen animation as my medium but I am well versed in illustration, design, music and writing.

I'm really just a storyteller at heart.

My Work Is Featured At:

3x3 Contemporary Illustration MagazineDesign Taxi, Twisted Sifter